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Cosmetic Treatments

Our practitioners are fully trained in a number of cosmetic procedures such as dermal filling, and anti-wrinkle treatments. Contact us for a free consultation session.


Our experienced clinicians offer a range of Restylane treatments including:


Dermal Fillers:

  • We are able to create and restore facial contours that may have weakened over time, as well as filling out lines, and gently restoring fullness to areas of the face including lips, eyes, and cheeks. 


Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is contained in a  prescription medicine used to reduce the signs of moderate to severe frown lines.


It is injected into tense facial muscles which underlie wrinkle formation, and temporarily blocks nerve impulses to those muscles. 


By reducing the activity in the underlying muscles, wrinkles are noticibly softened and reduced


Make an appointment for a free consultation.

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